IAAPA Members,
The 2008 IAAPA electoral candidate nomination process is now complete. The club has been seeking members who wish to volunteer and run for the following government positions.
(1) President
(7) Legislative Representatives
(1) Judiciary
The 2008 IAAPA elections will not require voting this year again as there are no contested positions. The following were filled by acclamation.
IAAPA President - PipPopsRising11
The Legislature will consist of.
Pelleplutt - Editor IAAPA Herald / Minister of Members.
LeotheLop - Mentorship Coordinator
The Judiciary
Elf - Elected Member of Supreme Court
This concludes the 2008 IAAPA Election process. Thank you to past government members and those who have volunteered for continued service. The new government will now begin working and provide an update on issues & priorities for the upcoming year to the membership within the next 30 days.
Minister of Members

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