IAAPA Wants You!!! The Few, the Proud, ... we are confident that among you there lurks an AAR Champion. Have you got what it takes to battle it out in the most exciting game ever and emerge as IAAPA's AAR Champion? The battlefield is the AAR Main Championship Tournament, which is scheduled to begin Friday June 1st. Pairings will be announced on May 30th and will be assigned randomly. Any and ALL members in good standing are welcome to sign up for this tournament and will be accepted until May 28th.

For people who have not played AAR this is a good time to get your feet wet. So dont be shy :)

For rules and information click on the IAAPA BBS link and scroll down to the 4th Edition Q&A category. There you will see several topics about the rules and regulations. To make it fair to both players, at least 1 turn every 1 to 3 days should be completed, preferably 1 turn per day. During the tournament if you are unable to complete turns at this rate, then you must contact your opponent and the Tournament Director (Elf). If your opponent does not contact you that he has been unable to submit a turn then you must file a 'slow opponent' report to the Tournament Director (Elf). Each round will last for a 2 month period. The final round will have no limit.

Some points to keep in mind:

(1): Games not finished in time will be adjudicated.
(2): If one side has been slow and this is reported to the Tournament Director (Elf) then the other player will have the advantage in adjudication.
(3): If a game has not reached USA 7 by the end of the 2 months AND neither side has made any slow play report, then neither player will advance to next round.

Good luck to all players and lets all have a GREAT TIME!!!

To sign up or if you have any questions please send the Tournament Director a message at [email protected]

Elf ([email protected])
AAR Tournament Director

Another fine Tournament from your Friendly Neighbourhood Tournament Department, ably run by

explosive ([email protected])
Minister of Tournaments
Michael Craggs
IAAPA Prime Minister
Member of IAAPA Executive